Born in Athens in 1974, Maria Doxa studied architecture at the University of Edinburgh and the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University College London (1993-1998).

She worked as a project consultant with Space Syntax Ltd in London (1998-2000) on various urban design and public building projects, including the redesign of Trafalgar Square and the regeneration of the Southbank Cultural Centre. At the same time, she started conducting research on the theory of visual fields, leading to the methodology of visibility graph analysis and its applications to the understanding of public spaces and, in particular, the patterns of people movement, co-presence and potential interaction.

Returning to Greece in 2001, she registered as an architect and became a founding member of deca ARCHITECTURE creative scheme. In 2005 she set up her own architectural practice in Athens and since 2010 on the island of Paros.

Her design approach is based upon combining liveability with conceptual symbolism, to create multi-sensory spatial experiences.

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