TYPE: suburban

LOCATION: Politia, Attica, Greece

PROJECT: new private home, as extension to an existing residential building (polykatikia)

DATE: 2004 (unbuilt)

The project deals with the process of volumetric extension / addition to an existing building, as closely relating to the concept of the collage. Therefore, the extension in itself becomes a collage of three distinct modes of inhabitation stacked over one another: the nest, the container and the cave.

The nest is a single master suite, on the top level, among the foliage of the existing trees. It is constructed of light metal frame structure and wood and glass panel cladding.

Below, the container is a program-packed cor-10 steel-cladding rectangular box, serving as an efficient storage unit as well as the setting for every day living. Its south wall is deep and dense, containing a wc, a shower, a wardrobe, a kitchen, a bookcase, a fireplace and archive drawers. A pivoting wooden wall can divide the interior space into two, closing off a part which transforms into a guestroom with a swinging open bed.

The cave, at ground level, is an exposed concrete volume, where space is carved out to create through mass, texture and the play of light an intimate sculptural experience.

A. Vaitsos, M. Doxa, C. Loperena, K. Gudsell
K. Gudsell