TYPE: private vacation home | rural

LOCATION: Corfu, Greece

PROJECT: new house & exterior spaces

SIZE: 340sqm

DATE: 2015 -

The house sits on an olive grove overlooking southwards Nissaki settlement and bay, on the Northeast part of the island of Corfu. The layout of the house is such that movement through the spaces follows a Z-shape, both horizontally and vertically, in continuation to the winding road leading up to the site from the coast.   Three long, thin volumes are placed on the upper part of the site, to maximize views and minimize earthworks: a lower stone volume at the back forming a strong base retaining the earth's slope behind; two lighter volumes - one over the stone, one in front, displaced in such way, as to create between them a sequence of exterior and transparent interior spaces, blending the inside and outside, through large glass panels sliding in the walls. The horizontality of the building's volumes minimizes visual intervention on the landscape and contrasts with the natural slope of the land and the verticality of the cypress trees scattered in the olive grove.

M. Doxa
M. Kazolea, N. Nikolaou, M. Strevina
M. Kyriazis
G. Kaonis