TYPE: private vacation home | rural

LOCATION: Corsica, France

PROJECT: new house & exterior spaces

SIZE: 410sqm

DATE: 2015 -

A very narrow strip of land on a steep slope with lush vegetation and breath-taking views to the sea. A very dense program for a large vacation house of a family of five plus many guests. The main volume is carved into the hill, concealing all of its mass under a green mildly sloping roof. Its south facade, fully glazed, connects seamlessly indoor and outdoor living spaces. In the heart of this volume, a patio lights up the deeper spaces and gives access through an exterior stair to the levels above. On the second level, two smaller volumes, housing the kids' and guests' private rooms are arranged around the garden, which slopes mildly up, in continuation to the green roof of the lower volume. On the upper level, a smaller exposed concrete volume with a green roof and a fully glazed south facade, houses a separate suite. Exposed concrete and weathered wooden cladding are the main materials used to create a dialogue between the build forms and with the landscape.

M. Doxa
N. Nikolaou