Renovation 250sqm (Architectural, Interior & Furniture design, Spatial Graphic Design)

TYPE: Urban
LOCATION: 11, Sina St, Athens city center, Greece
DESIGN: 2011-2012

ARCHITECTS: Maria Doxa, Marina Stassinopoulos
PHOTOGRAPHY: S. Diamantopoulou

GEOPROCESSING:  K. Koryllos, V. Grammaticos
GRAPHICS: L. Pieracou

Scenes from the urban realm, geographical representations and interpretative mappings of pedestrian and vehicular movement in public space and the idea of these as generators of interaction have inspired the design of Taxibeat’s offices in Athens. The company specialises in the development of software applications for facilitating movement in the city, connecting taxi drivers to customers, through smart phone technologies. The streetscape vs cityscape concept has guided design choices in terms of spatial layout as well as materiality, detailed design and graphical expressions.

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